Mariangela Spanedda

Yoga Instructor
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Mariangela is a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor with a 15-year teaching experience.

Mariangela recently moved from Italy, where she practiced initially as an Iyengar Yoga instructor, highlighting her attention to alignment and precision during the practice.

Mariangela has always thought that Yoga shouldn’t be only for an “elite”, but it should be integrated in everyone’s everyday life. Therefore, she worked for 15 years to bring Yoga in schools (from nursery to high school) and to seniors, making sure that the practice was fit for each person and adapted to everyone’s needs. In her years of teaching, she has learned to help people overcoming physical issues (backache, joint pains etc.) and the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

She also worked on the athletic training of junior and master swim team for UISP (Italian Sport Union) in Orvieto.

“I believe that a strong bond between teacher and pupils is the foundation of a successful class, so I’m always eager to establish a connection with my students.”

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