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Sports and remedial massage is aimed more specifically towards the musculoskeletal system with a view to preventing and treating injuries whereas our holistic massage services such as Indian head massage, Craniosacral therapy and Reflexology are aimed at inducing deep relaxation and the wide-ranging physiological benefits this can bring. 


Impact Physio at the Ikano Robin Hood Half Marathon

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Sports & remedial massage

Suitable for anybody, not just athletes, who enjoy a deep massage that makes you feel relaxed and invigorated. You might feel aches and pains from work related activities such as sitting at a computer for many hours at a time, or too much gardening.

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Reflexologists use hands-on techniques to release or stimulate specific points on your feet. These points have been found to relate to the organs and systems of the body.

Tenderness at these points can indicate when things are out of balance in that organ or system and in need of some attention. The reflexologist works on these points to help restore harmony and optimise function.

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