Whether it’s a work related/postural problem, a sports injury or just a painful joint or limb, a member of our experienced team will take the time to determine if these therapies can help you.  The recommended time for the first appointment is 45 minutes (£32).

Sports & remedial massage

Suitable for anybody, not just athletes, who enjoy a deep massage that makes you feel relaxed and invigorated. You might feel aches and pains from work related activities such as sitting at a computer for many hours at a time, or too much gardening…

Sports massage

Indian head massage

Indian Head Massage is performed seated using a variety of massage and acupressure techniques to the scalp, face, neck and shoulders with or without hair oils.

It provides a sense of enhanced well being, alleviating muscular tension, stress and anxiety.

Indian head massage

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on method of evaluating and re-balancing the craniosacral system.

This system relates to the central nervous system, comprising the membranes of the brain and spinal cord, with their attachments to the bones of the skull and spine.

Chris Davenport is our craniosacral therapist, please speak to Chris if you would like to ask if this is suitable for you.

Craniosacral therapy


Reflexologists use hands-on techniques to release or stimulate specific points on your feet. These points have been found to relate to the organs and systems of the body.

Tenderness at these points can indicate when things are out of balance in that organ or system and in need of some attention. The reflexologist works on these points to help restore harmony and optimise function.



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  • Sports / Remedial Massage Fees

    • 30 MINUTES – £27
    • 45 MINUTES – £32
    • 60 MINUTES – £37

  • Holistic Therapy Fees

    • Indian Head Massage – £30 for 45 mins
    • Craniosacral therapy– £35 for 45 mins
    • Reflexology –  £35 for 60 mins

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