Whatever your pain / problem a member of our experienced team will take the time to work with you. A combined total of too many hours experience its frightening, if we can’t help you then we’ll point you in the right direction. Sometimes physio isn’t the answer, but if it is then we’re the right people.

Our physios all have a minimum of 5 years practical experience but most have many more than that (and a few so many they just don’t want to say!) Many of our staff have completed their Masters.

We’re physios first who happen to run a business too. It shapes everything we do. We genuinely like people and we hope people like us.

We’ve got some truly special people in our teams who’ve done some pretty amazing things who can completely empathise with you.

Physio for sports injuries

Whether you are a serious sports-person or an enthusiastic amateur, no one likes to be away from their sport through injury. Our experienced physios can help to relieve your pain, restore your mobility and get you back to your sport quickly and safely.

Sports Injuries

Occupational physiotherapy

Occupational Physiotherapy has been shown to have demonstrable effects in reducing both the incidence and overall number of days lost to ill health and accidents in the workplace.

We can work with your staff to resolve pain quickly while teaching them skills to help prevent a recurrence of symptoms. Common workplace complaints include back pain, stiff or painful necks, sore shoulders and upper backs, sprains, joint pain and muscle strains and recurring headaches.

Occupational physiotherapy


We treat patients who suffer from a wide range of neurological conditions including strokes, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, hemiplegia, Multpiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.


Full Body MOT
(including Sports Movement Assessment)

Have you ever wondered why you are prone to the same injury when training, or that your posture affects your ability to run efficiently, or reach for that position to return that serve?

We can offer you a full movement screen that analyses the way you move highlighting areas of potential weakness and instability and shows where you need to improve.

Full Body MOT

Hand therapy

A hand therapist is a registered physiotherapist who specialises in the rehabilitation of patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper limb.

Emma Bamford, our hand therapist, can help you return to a productive lifestyle following injury, disease or deformity affecting your hand.

Hand therapy


Acupuncture can be used either using TCM (traditional chinese medicine)  or with a western ethos of dry needling. It is a simple and safe way to ease pain. Fine, single use, sterile needles are inserted into the skin at precise points depending on your specific problem.

This process stimulates your body’s pain relieving hormones and eases your pain. Many patients find this relaxing which in turn helps your recovery.



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Your visit with us

  • 1 / Prior to your visit

    Call us to book an appointment convenient to you. We have daytime, evening and weekend appointments available. Alternatively you can email or contact us through our online contact form.

  • 2 / First Consultation

    Please bring any insurance details or paperwork with you. We will discuss your problem(s) and carry out a physical examination. We will discuss a probable diagnosis and agree the best course of treatment.

  • 03 / Home exercises

    You will be given exercises to complete between sessions. These are very important and will directly affect the number of sessions you may require. Any problems please do not hesitate to make contact with the Impact Physiotherapy team.

  • 4 / Follow up appointments

    Any follow up sessions will be booked at a convenient time for you. We may discuss your treatment with your GP/specialist if appropriate and with your consent.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you registered?

Yes, with the Health Professions council and we are members of the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy).


What are your fees?

Our basic charges are £49 for the initial assessment and £39 for subsequent half hour appointments.

We also offer extended assessment appointments for more complex problems, or multiple areas of the body. This will take 45 minutes and costs £49. If you have been seen elsewhere before and not been satisfied with your treatment then an extended appointment time allows us to fully investigate your problem. Please discuss this with us and ask for details. A future review may be necessary depending on the problem to advance the rehabilitation, this is normally done in a 30 minute session. Full details can be found on our fees page

Do I need a doctor's referral?

We work closely with General Practitioners, consultants and specialists, however you do not need a referral unless your treatment is covered by private medical insurance.

We can usually deal directly with your insurer for payment. Please ask when you make your appointment.

Do you only see private patients?

No -  some local doctor’s surgeries refer to us under the NHS. Please ask if this applies to you.

Can I use my BUPA membership?

Yes, we are registered with leading medical insurance companies.

We have a provider number which you can pass on to your insurer if required.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

If you are self-funding and are available we can usually see you the same day.

30 minutes


45 minutes
(recommended 1st session)


60 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes
(recommended 1st session)


60 minutes


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