Physio for sports injuries

We have a wide range of experience in the specialist assessment and treatment of sports injuries.

Whether you are a serious sports-person or an enthusiastic amateur, no one likes to be away from their sport through injury. Our experienced physios can help to get you back to your sport quickly and safely.

We have a wide range of experience in the specialist assessment and treatment of sports injuries.

Our physios have worked to the highest level in a variety of sports at the highest levels and can provide a thorough assessment, advice and treatment tailored to you.

Common problems we can help with include:

  • muscle/ligament and joint sprains and strains
  • bruising to soft tissue
  • over training
  • rehabilitation
  • muscle imbalances

Pain is a symptom, address the problem and not only will the pain go away, it won’t return


Physios with special interest in sport

We have always been closely linked to the sporting community. Many of our physio’s work in elite sport and our bases have exercise areas to facilitate the use of exercise within our treatment ethos. Whether its the gym or the Human Performance Unit we can adapt to your sporting level – weekend warrier or representative athlete.

Match day / event support

Sporting events

Delighted to be event partners with the Robin Hood Marathon, the Derby 10k, Cyclone 24 and the Rushcliffe 10k. 

We also cover match days for Trent College and The Derby County Girls Regional Training Centre.

Stretching after workout.

Long term recovery

As well as giving you a clear indication to the cause of the injury, we will also examine the reasons as to what contributed to it in the first place.

With a specific exercise programme to address any weakness / tightness / movement issues, we aim to ensure you can control any recurrences. 


Diagnostic Ultrasound scanning

We  offer ultrasound scanning as a part of our patient diagnosis which can be used for a number of conditions including muscle tears, bleeding or fluid collections in muscles, bursae or joints and diagnosing tendon tears.

Diagnostic ultrasound scanning is used to supplement the physiotherapy assessment – we do not diagnose our patients on the basis of the ultrasound image alone.

Customer reviews

Much of our work comes through personal recommendations from our existing customers

Online exercise programs to follow at home

After your treatment, your physio will provide you with a personalised exercise program to follow at home.

Personalised to you

Each exercise includes an online video clip that you can view on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

View online or print

You can either watch the exercises online or print them off.

Professional Quality Videos and handouts

Clear hand-outs with Professional studio pictures and clear written instructions.