New Year Intentions

2019 – what plans / aspirations do you have? Have you made any resolutions?  How are you getting on?

I recently read on Twitter a post about having intentions instead of resolutions which I liked as a concept,  it allows us to let things slide but allows us to re-start simply without beating ourselves up. Its a great opportunity at the beginning of a new year to have grand ambitions to achieve what we consider to be important. But already challenges and curve balls can have an effect on the best laid plans. The idea of aiming towards our goals but accepting that the path might be difficult and at times impossible to achieve enables us to embrace the uncontrollable and continue to aim high.

Recovery from injury is typically unpredictable and challenging, it can be disappointing when things take longer than expected or a back pain recurs when you think its gone away, but with good intentions, embracing that these things sometimes happen and aiming for the end stage can allow us to absorb the bumps as oppose to giving up.

I’m always blown away when I meet clients from years ago who say they still do the exercises I encouraged them to do when they came for treatment, in one case this was almost 20 years ago! However, full respect – the concept of continuing with exercises / general fitness / use it or lose it is laudable. I encourage everyone to think of fitness / exercise as a way of life, contributing to health and well being. So taking the long term view and considering being healthy as a goal seems the sensible approach.

So my intentions this year are to stay healthy; aiming to walk / do a 7-minute challenge as a minimum every day (for January is my first short-term goal) but with the overall aim of well-being. Might seem simple, but hopefully a few more of the Impact-challenges will be embedded throughout the year too – already we have a team entered in the 10k obstacle course and plans to have a bigger group enjoy the Yorkshire 3 peaks again.

If you have any goals that you need advice / support with then please let us know, we’d be delighted to be part of your health and wellbeing journey. Here’s to a happy healthy 2019.

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