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Based at Gresham Sports Pavilion off Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, we provide high quality physiotherapy services and sports injury management for Rushcliffe and the Nottingham area. 

Our team have a combined level of experience in years that is probably well into triple figures! Sinead and Paul work at The University of Nottingham on the physio course as clinical link and lecturer respectively, Vas is currently finishing off his PhD in back pain and Phil has completed his masters and currently also works at Notts CCC.  Abi is also the practice development lead at NUH. I think you’ll agree that’s a whole heap of experience! 

Services at West Bridgford

Physio Fees
In Clinic
Initial appointment £53 (approx. 45 mins)
Extended Initial Appointment (for multiple issues) £70 (approx. 1 hour)
Follow up Appointment £43 (approx. 30 mins)
Functional Movement Screen £60 45 minute Full Movement Screen
Phone / Video
Initial appointment £43 (approx. 30 mins)
Follow up Appointment £20 (approx. 15 mins)


Pilates is a body conditioning method that targets deep postural muscles to encourage healthy movement patterns. 

It aims to develop your body awareness, integrating your mind and body. 

Our mat-work classes  at Gresham have a maximum of ten students and are led by our Physiotherapist to ensure that any individual needs are met.

Gresham Sports Pavilion
Gresham Park Road
Off Wilford Lane
West Bridgford

Core opening times

Occasionally the clinics are open before or after these core times, depending on availability. We will always try to accommodate your needs, so if you receive a reminder for your appointment outside of these times then please attend as confirmed.

Our team at West Bridgford

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Reviews for West Bridgford

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impact physio
4.0 rating

Hi, have used Impact 2 times within the last 12 months for different injuries. Each time the diagnosis and rehab has been great – got back to swimming and running within 2 months. Would highly recommend.

5.0 rating

Had physio on shoulders , neck and lower back . Was in a lot of pain before I started going to impact . I found Sinead to be very patient and extremely thorough . Over the months with her help, advice and experience I became much improved and in a lot less pain.
I would recommend impact highly to anyone needing physio . Thank you

5.0 rating

I’ve used Impact Physio on a number of occasions when injury has arisen ahead of a big event or competition. They have always been thorough and honest in their assessment, but also positive about the potential outcome. The advice given has always reflected my specific needs and been successful in helping me recover quickly and avoid repeat injuries. Booking process is simple and the times available suitable flexible to fit around work and other commitments.

5.0 rating

Excellent service, relevant exercises and advice. It was a really personal experience and directed at my lifestyle.

William Brown
5.0 rating

Very impressed. I have used the NHS physio before and several other private clinics but have always left disappointed and without any improvement in my sports injuries, meaning that I had to diagnose and solve the issue myself. However, having used Impact Physio a few times I can say that they have been genuinely helpful both in terms of diagnosing the injury and treating it. The physiotherapist I accessed through Impact also did not keep me coming back for further unnecessary sessions meaning you can make rapid progress. I also found the booking at West Bridgford convenient and simple.

5.0 rating

I was having trouble with an injury on my leg and as a runner it was impacting me training competing. Phil at Impact was great, we had and initial assessment session where he was able to identify the problem and give me rehab exercises to complete for two weeks. After two weeks I returned where I was given some more exercises building on the ones previously given. This all helped to build the strength back up and help me overcome the injury. I’m now back running and pain free. Great service, personable staff, highly recommended.

Marc Scott
5.0 rating

I only ever use Impact Physio. I have seen Phil at West Bridgford over a long period of time. Everything is excellent. Phil is highly professional while being friendly , reassuring and knowledgeable. I have known him as a physiotherapist for many years and he is also experienced at dealing with sports related injuries. He successfully treated my sons when they were swimming at County level. I can not recommend his expertise highly enough. Treatment works well and options given for exercises keep you comfortable for a long period of time. Highly recommended.

Gillian Feast
5.0 rating

Before going to see Phil, I had been having treatment for over 18 months with a chiropractor for a long standing shoulder/neck/back issue. I had become a little disillusioned as I seemed to be paying a lot for adjustments every week or so but it was keeping things at bay and not improving. The chiropractor had really helped in July 2016 when I had a particularly bad flare up and the rotator cuff became inflamed. Anyhow, a relative had been telling me for some time about how wonderful their Physio was and that I should give him a try. Prior to going to the chiropractor I had been to see many many professionals seeking some long term help and had spent a lot of money so I was wary of changing horses again mid stream. However for various reasons I decided to go and see Phil in January of this year. He spent time listening to me and all my tail of woe and he did some assessments. I think he was the first person I had ever seen (and yes I mean that) who actually seemed to be confident he could not only help but get me to a stage where I did not need to keep coming to see him. We started gradually and I religiously did the exercises I was given. Interestingly I had been given no such exercises before. Over the next 2-3 months I went to see him and gradually I started to see improvement. He also suggested a book I should read as he explained that when a person has become so used to problems the way in which we think about them is massively important. Committed to my recovery I downloaded the book and read it. I have now had the longest issue free period I have had in over 3 years. I still spend 10 minutes a day doing the exercises and I no longer live in constant fear of moving the wrong way and sending things into spasm. Only this past week I had a minor flare up and started to panic but then reminded myself that it ‘wasn’t a snake’ (Phil will understand the reference) and I consciously worked through things and saw an improvement in a day or so! The thing I liked about Phil was two-fold. 1. He told me that the objective was to get me to a point where I could look after myself and didn’t need him (in the nicest possible way) 2. When I told him that a previous professional had said it was the worst back/neck issue they had ever seen, he looked puzzled and said he didn’t agree. After around 6 sessions he said my movements and range etc etc were exactly what you’d expect from someone in my category. I would not hesitate to recommend him. I certainly will be going back to see him if and when I should need his help.

Alison Gordon
5.0 rating

All of the staff are really friendly and welcoming. The admin team are very efficient and accommodating. The physio care I received was excellent – very professional and thorough, with clear information given re my diagnosis and equally clear guidance on the daily exercises I needed to undertake.

Lisa Rigley
5.0 rating

My G.P., recommended Impact Physiotherapy after having several issues with back problems. I now would not go anywhere else, sound advice given, along with exercises suitable for me. Anthony was and is fantastic, I have since recommended the practice to other friends too.

5.0 rating

Great treatment. My symptoms were listened to then my needs were well explained and an achievable programme was set which is already having a very positive effect. Feeling better already. The videos of exercises are extremely helpful too.

Claire Haynes
5.0 rating

Very satisfied physio is the only thing that sorts the pain.

Jane Harris
5.0 rating

Care and advice both excellent I would happily use their services again.

Suzanne Pinder
5.0 rating

I found the staff at Impact very pleasant and helpful. The shoulder injury took some time to heal enough to be able to do exercises which actually made a difference, so in my case it was a long process and is still ongoing. The feedback from my first physio meant I was able to get shoulder injections reasonably quickly. My second physio gave me a different set of exercises which I still do every day as my shoulder becomes uncomfortable without them. I was pleased with the service I received and am happy in the knowledge that I would be seen quickly in the future if the need arises.

Wendy Edson
5.0 rating

The whole experience is welcoming and informative. By understanding why I am being asked to do the exercises to get me walking again enabled me to proactively work with the physio to get me going again. The Tai Chi is fabulous. It helps me focus and gently build up my muscles reducing the risk of trips and falls. There has been an amazing improvement from day one

Julie Barker
5.0 rating

Very helpful therapist, gave me lots of advice on how to help improve my recovery. Easy to book appointments which were always available for my preferred time/date. Always kept to appointment time.

Daniel Fawcett
5.0 rating

The therapist put me at ease strait away and although some of the treatment was painful my back is in much better shape than it was and the experience was worth while.

John Copley
5.0 rating

Very professional and brilliant service. Very friendly and definitely would recommend to any one with pain or injuries.

Jevon Henson
5.0 rating

I have had occasion to use your services several times over the last few years always with positive results. Staff are always friendly and very helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend your services

Rosemary Marshall
5.0 rating

Greatly relieved of pain from first visit,ongoing treatment and exercises appropriate to injury. whilst I’m not completely pain free, I am 90 percent back to my normal health.

Paul Baker
5.0 rating

Excellent. I really enjoyed my times with Phil. Very useful and effective exercises.

Phil Heaton
5.0 rating

Highly satisfied. Considerate, investigative attention during each appointment

John Blackburn
5.0 rating

Very professional and friendly, informative and through in the initial appointment

Fiona Brown
5.0 rating

Fantastic staff and atmosphere. Not one of the intimidating gym type of places but welcoming, encouraging but still push you when needed. Have helped me get back to full fitness following a broken leg and even though I am now mended I will keep going because its great!

Stuart C


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