Phil Tranter

Phil has always combined private practice with working in elite level sport including Rugby Union, Football, the British Canoe Union, and the England & Wales Cricket Board. Phil is the current Assistant Physiotherapist with Nottinghamshire CCC

Phil qualified in 2001, he works at the Long Eaton clinic and is the clinical lead at West Bridgford.

Alongside with working at Impact, Phil is the current Assistant Physiotherapist with Nottinghamshire CCC and has recently completed his MSc in Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare from Keele University’

‘I’ve enjoyed the challenge of identifying the individual needs of patients and tailoring treatment and rehabilitation based on their specific goals’

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Reviews for Phil

5.0 rating

Had a bad fall and twisted my left knee causing me severe lack of mobility. The Long Eaton clinic kindly fitted me in with a same day appointment.
Saw physio Phil Tranter who was very reassuring in his approach.
Some three sessions along with an exercise routine has virtually cured the problem . Just need to carry on with the exercises .
I found very helpful that the exercise routine was sent on a video .
Would recommend without any hesitation.

Andrew Blay
5.0 rating

Went after being diagnosed by a doctor with Achilles Tendonitis.
Phil was very friendly and very thorough.
After only 3 visits and doing the exercises my heel is feeling a lot better.
Very pleased thank you.

Charlie Birch-Mann
5.0 rating

I went to the doctor with a shoulder problem and was referred very quickly to Impact Physiotherapy at Pride Park. I saw Phil Tranter and Alan Beers who were excellent in treating the issue and giving me advice on different exercises. Over the course of the sessions my shoulder problem went away and I am very grateful to Phil and Alan for their help. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of physiotherapy.

Malcolm Buchanan
5.0 rating

It’s definitely the basics that make the difference. I apprehensively made my way to my appointment, creaking knees and all, prepared to be told I had to stop running and cycling and prepare for an operation only to be told the pain and discomfort could be eased by stretching to re-align my kneecap. Lo and behold I noticed a difference in a week and was almost pain free in 2. I cycled a charity 100 mile ride 3 weeks later and walked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks a week later. Great credit to Phil and the team at Impact, seen quickly after referral and easy to get to although I’d prefer more clinic time at Derby Arena.

5.0 rating

I was referred to the Pride Park clinic by my GP after being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I saw two of your Physiotherapists- the first visit was with Phil & subsequent visits with Chris. Both were very gentle & professional & I was able to be signed off quicker than expected thanks to their ‘magic hands’. I would have no hesitation in recommending both of them

Billie Chapman
5.0 rating

Phil Tranter was my physio and my treatment was very successful. The exercises he taught me were very helpful and most importantly they worked.

Jen Coates
5.0 rating

I went to see Phil about a problem with my knee. Phil is incredibly knowledgeable and carried out some very thorough tests including an ultrasound scan and was able to advise me with some initial treatment exercise to carry out over 2 weeks and then return for a re-evaluation. My knee had much improved and Phil was able to provide additional rehab exercises. I returned a final time a few weeks later when my knee felt fine but Phil was able to additionally help by providing more information and further exercises to help strengthen the general area and prevent future injury. Very pleased with the service. Really nice friendly guy too! Thoroughly recommended.

5.0 rating

I was having trouble with an injury on my leg and as a runner it was impacting me training competing. Phil at Impact was great, we had and initial assessment session where he was able to identify the problem and give me rehab exercises to complete for two weeks. After two weeks I returned where I was given some more exercises building on the ones previously given. This all helped to build the strength back up and help me overcome the injury. I’m now back running and pain free. Great service, personable staff, highly recommended.

Marc Scott
5.0 rating

I only ever use Impact Physio. I have seen Phil at West Bridgford over a long period of time. Everything is excellent. Phil is highly professional while being friendly , reassuring and knowledgeable. I have known him as a physiotherapist for many years and he is also experienced at dealing with sports related injuries. He successfully treated my sons when they were swimming at County level. I can not recommend his expertise highly enough. Treatment works well and options given for exercises keep you comfortable for a long period of time. Highly recommended.

Gillian Feast
5.0 rating

Before going to see Phil, I had been having treatment for over 18 months with a chiropractor for a long standing shoulder/neck/back issue. I had become a little disillusioned as I seemed to be paying a lot for adjustments every week or so but it was keeping things at bay and not improving. The chiropractor had really helped in July 2016 when I had a particularly bad flare up and the rotator cuff became inflamed. Anyhow, a relative had been telling me for some time about how wonderful their Physio was and that I should give him a try. Prior to going to the chiropractor I had been to see many many professionals seeking some long term help and had spent a lot of money so I was wary of changing horses again mid stream. However for various reasons I decided to go and see Phil in January of this year. He spent time listening to me and all my tail of woe and he did some assessments. I think he was the first person I had ever seen (and yes I mean that) who actually seemed to be confident he could not only help but get me to a stage where I did not need to keep coming to see him. We started gradually and I religiously did the exercises I was given. Interestingly I had been given no such exercises before. Over the next 2-3 months I went to see him and gradually I started to see improvement. He also suggested a book I should read as he explained that when a person has become so used to problems the way in which we think about them is massively important. Committed to my recovery I downloaded the book and read it. I have now had the longest issue free period I have had in over 3 years. I still spend 10 minutes a day doing the exercises and I no longer live in constant fear of moving the wrong way and sending things into spasm. Only this past week I had a minor flare up and started to panic but then reminded myself that it ‘wasn’t a snake’ (Phil will understand the reference) and I consciously worked through things and saw an improvement in a day or so! The thing I liked about Phil was two-fold. 1. He told me that the objective was to get me to a point where I could look after myself and didn’t need him (in the nicest possible way) 2. When I told him that a previous professional had said it was the worst back/neck issue they had ever seen, he looked puzzled and said he didn’t agree. After around 6 sessions he said my movements and range etc etc were exactly what you’d expect from someone in my category. I would not hesitate to recommend him. I certainly will be going back to see him if and when I should need his help.

Alison Gordon
5.0 rating

Excellent. I really enjoyed my times with Phil. Very useful and effective exercises.

Phil Heaton


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