Back pain

There is always lots of stuff in the news, social media etc. about the myths and methods of treating low back pain – here’s a link to something that is well received in the physio community and not only dishes out some top tips, a lot is good old fashioned common sense.

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“How we feel can influence the amount of pain we feel. Back pain can be triggered following changes in life stress, mood or anxiety levels”

Mary O’Keeffe (University of Limerick), Dr Kieran O’Sullivan (University of Limerick), Derek Griffin (Tralee Physiotherapy Clinic)

Three cheers to our Irish colleagues!




Ikano Robin Hood marathon & half-marathon

With less than a week until this year’s marathon and half-marathon, final preparations are being made!

If you have any concerns about injuries then book to see us now in clinic for assessment, treatment or advice. 10% discount to all runners registered to run in the event this Sunday.

Massage appointments are also available at the clinics we have in Nottingham and Derby, to book before or after the event. Don’t forget to visit us in the massage tent on the day and donate to the event charities, this year; Framework, Maggie’s and Nottingham Hospitals Charity. We are also based in the corporate and VIP tents.

We look forward to meeting you!


During this pandemic we encourage you to continue to put your health & well being first.

Whatever your pain / problem please make contact to see if we can help you.

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