Sports injury clinic

Whether you are a serious sports-person or an enthusiastic amateur, no one likes to be away from their sport through injury. Our experienced physios can help to relieve your pain, restore your mobility and get you back to your sport quickly and safely.

We work with you, your GP and/or specialist to get the best possible results. If you’ve had surgery then we can help with your rehabilitation programme.

Teams / Individuals within / Institutions / Events our physios have worked with / currently work with;

Nottinghamshire CCC, Nottingham Rugby, Notts Athletic Club, The English Institute of Sport, The Derbyshire Institute of Sport, Team Derby, The Tennis Foundation, The Scottish Institute of Sport, London 2012, BUCS, The Nottingham Marathon……

Common sports injuries

Common problems we can help with include

  • muscle/ligament and joint sprains and strains,
  • bruising to soft tissue,
  • over training
  • Help with rehabilitation
  • muscle imbalances.

Diagnostic Ultrasound scanning

We also offer ultrasound scanning as a part of our patient diagnosis which can be used for a number of conditions including muscle tears, bleeding or fluid collections in muscles, bursae or joints and diagnosing tendon tears. U/S scanDiagnostic ultrasound scanning is used to supplement the physiotherapy assessment – we do not diagnose our patients on the basis of the ultrasound image alone.

I have been totally involved at every stage of my assessment , treatment and rehabilitation. I have felt in control – a must for an athlete! Steve Williams OBE Double Olympic Champion Mens Coxless Four

How can physiotherapy help?

After a thorough assessment we’ll identify the areas that may be contributing to your problem. We can often demonstrate change with manual therapy techniques which should give you the confidence that the issue is manageable and can be resolved. You will always be given an exercise programme for you to carry out at home along with specific advice. backpainYou will also be shown the best ways to prevent recurrence and given a programme which is tailored to your needs.

After conducting a thorough assessment, treatment may involve one or more of the following:

  • specific exercise programme
  • manual therapy
  • an explanation as to how any pain can be managed
  • alternative therapies (e.g. acupuncture / pilates)
  • we will explain and demonstrate how you can contribute to your own recovery and prevent the problem from recurring.

Research clearly shows that physical activity and exercise will help recovery. One of our physiotherapists can provide an exercise programme based on your health, ability and fitness levels.

Really important – is your return to sport! We can work with you  / and or your coach to ensure you are fully fit and game ready.

Long term recovery

As well as giving you a clear indication to the cause of the injury, we will also examine the reasons as to why the injury occurred in the first place – what we call a ‘body control assessment‘. This assessment will highlight imbalances of muscles and joints and identify faulty movement patterns which can be addressed by a comprehensive programme of treatment.

Body Movement Screen and Personalised programme

"It's like an MOT for your body"

We can offer you a full movement screen that analyses the way you move highlighting areas where you will benefit most from specific conditioning.

If you have a recurrent / long term problem, why not consider a body screen

Find out more about the Body MOT


30 minutes


45 minutes
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60 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes
(recommended 1st session)


60 minutes


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