Body MOT

Includes a Sports Movement Assessment

Have you ever wondered why you are prone to the same injury when training, or you feel you can’t run efficiently, or reach for that position to return a serve?

Although common in all levels of sport, these issues can be assessed, improved and in some cases resolved.

We can offer you a full movement screen that analyses the way you move, highlighting areas of weakness and restriction, formulating a programme for you to address.

motphotoWho is it for?

The assessment is suitable for anyone who trains and competes regularly and is addicted to sport at any level! You may want to iron out the following:

  • struggling with recurrent sports injuries
  • strength and flexibility issues that haven’t improved in the gym
  • suffering with persistent work related aches & pains, headaches & tight muscles in your neck/shoulders
  • not performing as well in sport following a previous injury
  • use us to help you plan how to be “fit” for a new activity – if you’re keen to prevent a potential problem whilst planning to do something special such as taking up a new sport, climb a mountain or going on an active holiday

What is involved in the MOT?

The session will cover the movement screen as well as giving you an exercise programme to take away with you. The entire MOT can either be carried out as a single appointment if you are willing to wait whilst we design your personalised program or you can return for the 30 minute follow up appointment the next day or week

Movement Screen and Personalised programme – £150

60 minutes

We conduct a movement screen during which we will analyse a series of functional movements.

30 minutes

We design a specific programme for you
This can be done whilst you wait

30 minutes

We will run through your exercise programme which you will take away with you.
This can be either a return appointment (e.g. next day) or can be carried out the same day as your initial movement screen if you want to wait.


30 min follow up (usually taken approx. 1 month after initial assessment)

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Following serious surgery I wanted to get back to cycling and running. Booking a Full Body MOT with Chris Davenport at Impact Physio worked a treat. Chris took time to understand the issues I had and how they affected my fitness. He developed a personal exercise schedule, remedial exercises for my knee injury and a plan for getting back running. His 4 week follow up provided an updated exercise schedule to continue my progression. The result is that I'm back cycling and running pain free and improving week by week. Thanks Chris and Impact Physio, I'm chuffed with how it went. Long Eaton Parkrun this weekend!

Your Questions answered

Where do you offer the MOT?

The MOT is available at both our Derby (Pride Park) and Long Eaton clinics.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose comfortable clothing to allow free movement during the assessment (e.g. vest and shorts). Please let us know if you would like the assessment to be carried out by a therapist of the same sex.

What will I get from the assessment?

After the assessment, we will provide you with a full prevention or injury treatment plan which may include a tailored online exercise programme you can do at home with advice on other subjects such as posture.

how long will it take?

The MOT lasts 2.5 hours split into the following:

  • the initial assessment is 60 minutes
  • we then spend 30 minutes or more custom making an exercise programme
  • we will run through the exercise programme with you for 30 minutes
  • approx. 1 month later – a 30 minutes review


Sounds like I need one! How do I sign up?

Either send an enquiry through our online contact form or give us a call on 0115 972 1319.

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