Louise Leeming


Louise qualified in 1991 and worked in the NHS for 10 years before a break for the arrival of her two boys.

She then moved into private practice and trained in Pilates. She now runs regular Pilates classes at Impact Physiotherapy.

“After feeling the benefit of Pilates for myself and the improvement it made in my own body after having children, I am so excited to be able to pass this knowledge on to women through “Fit Back and Bumps” “The programme applies Pilates techniques specific to your changing body both before and after childbirth. So many women have later problems with incontinence and back pain following pregnancy and childbirth due to muscle weakness. To be able to apply my Pilates experience, along with my Physiotherapy knowledge to educate women to prevent this is fantastic!”

30 minutes


45 minutes
(recommended 1st session)


60 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes
(recommended 1st session)


60 minutes


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