Sports & remedial massage

Suitable for anybody who enjoys a deep massage, not just for athletes.

Valued by both athletes and people who don’t play sport but feel aches and pains due to work related activities such as sitting at a computer for many hours at a time.

Soft Tissue techniques are incorporated such as Soft Tissue Release (STR) Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) and Muscle Energy Technique (MET).  Even though sports massage and remedial massage are separate techniques they are commonly combined during a massage treatment for the desired outcome.

Massage can sometimes be uncomfortable, but is applied in a way that you will instinctively know is beneficial – you may be tender or stiff for  1 or 2 days after the sports massage but you will feel great!  

There are many benefits from sports massage, both psychological (to the mind) and physiological (to the body) which have been reported based on experience and observation.  

Benefits of massage

Greater overall flexibility.

Increased blood flow

Increased sense of well-being

Decreased chance of injury

Decreased muscle spasms

Decreased recovery time

The recommended time for the first appointment is a minimum of 45 minutes (preferably 60 minutes) as this will include consultation and assessment.

Massage Sessions


Various massage techniques directed to specific area


Recommended for your first appointment


Extended appointment

Our massage therapists

Sara Bostock


Sara graduated from Brunel University in 2007 with a BSc in Sports Technology, she moved to Loughborough and completed a MSc in Sports Biomechanics in 2009. She has since qualified in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy level 5 and is a full member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage, ISRM.

Sara is a very competitive netball player and umpire competing in many local leagues and at regional standardfor a Loughborough based team. She is also an ex-competitive swimmer and competed at county level for Derbyshire so fully understands the aches and pains the body is put through for sport.

“I enjoy adjusting a massage treatment using different techniques and knowledge from sport and my studies to suit the individual. Everyone deserves quality treatment and I endeavour to achieve this so that the client is happy with the therapy provided.”

Sara regularly volunteers to massage at sporting events, including, The London 2012 Olympics, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the IAAF Athletics London 2017 and numerous swimming events over the years!

Marcus is based at our Long Eaton and West Bridgford clinics.


He has an excellent sporting background as a nationally ranked Judo player, a discipline in which he has attained the rank of competitive black belt 3rd dan. His involvement in the sport taught him the importance of massage to aid injury prevention, as well as its benefits as an effective aid to performance and rehabilitation.

Between 2008 and 2011, Marcus was employed by Notts County Football Club as Head Sports Therapist and was a member of the first team staff during Notts’ League Two Championship winning 2009-10 season. His time managing the individual requirements of a squad of players through highly demanding football seasons gave him an insight into the psyche of professional sportspeople, as well as teaching him the importance of tailoring treatment to an individual’s needs.

Having worked at high profile events in the entertainment industry, Marcus is experienced at dealing with clients of all levels and needs. Performers have to be able to cope with the aches and pains of repetitive performance and relentless travel, and Marcus has worked with artists ranging from Iron Maiden and WWE Wrestling to Girls Aloud and the cast of ‘Chicago’!

Now working in private practice, Marcus gains a great deal of enjoyment from using his knowledge and skills to help other people, whether that’s by assisting their performance in competitive sport or helping them to cope with the stresses and strains of modern day life.

And now has forged further links in the Local Nottingham Sports Fraternity, Working with West Bridgford Rugby Club and the Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Club

Massage FAQs

impact physio
I’m not sporty, can I still have a sports / remedial massage?


Sports massage is so-called simply because it is a style of massage popular with sports people. Whether you’re an Olympian, casual gym user, desk bound office worker or stay at home mum, you deserve the same quality treatment tailored to your needs. This being sports massage, remedial massage or a combination of the two.

What conditions do your massage therapists treat?

Its OK to have a massage with the following complaints

Muscular pain, Back, Neck & Shoulder pain, Stiff neck, Sore Shoulders, Hip & Knee pain, Painful disorders of joints & muscles, Stress, Headaches, Sciatica, Sports injuries, Tendonitis, Frozen shoulder, Accidental injuries e.g. whiplash, Pain of chronic illness & disability, Arthritic pain & Rheumatism

If you are unsure as to whether you should see a masseur / physio then please ask when you book your appointment.

Are men better than women at sports massage?

With the correct training it makes no difference whatsoever. The correct use of bodyweight allows the same correct pressure to be applied by either a male or female.

What do I wear for a sports massage?

The therapist will need access to the required body part. So it is recommended you wear clothing that is easily removed or repositioned. Many clients feel comfortable in their underwear however modesty is maintained at all times by using towels to cover the body. They are only removed to allow access to the area of the body that is being worked on. Body parts such as the gluts are worked on through clothing/towelling for clients comfort and is just as effective.

Females are asked to wear a back fastening bra so that the upper back and shoulders are easily accessed, sports bras can be awkward in this situation. Long or tight shorts are often restrictive so are not ideal as access to the hamstrings/adductor attachments can be difficult.
It is imperative you feel comfortable at all times whether you are suitably undressed or fully clothed.

Does sports / remedial massage hurt?

Sometimes sports massage can be a little uncomfortable, but it is only ever a ‘good’ pain – you will instinctively know is doing good. Please remember that you are always in charge so if you’re uncomfortable in anyway please say so and a different approach will be taken

If you want lighter pressure please say, the aim is for you to feel happy with the treatment you are receiving.

It is not unusual to feel a little post massage soreness for a day or two after a deep tissue massage, this is usual. Common post massage advice includes warming the area with a hot bath or a hot water bottle, drinking LOTS of water and gentle but progressive stretching.

If you are worried in any way about being sore, or have an important event in the next day or two, please do communicate this, it is not a problem to work around.

I am allergic to many massage oils, can I bring my own?

YES however a hypoallergenic lotion is used such as Chemodol.

Chemodol is quite suitable for every kind of skin and easily removable with water. It has a high oil content and excellent absorption properties, thus permitting optimal skin contact. It has a neutral fragrance and does not stain clothing.

If you are worried in any way about being sore, or have an important event in the next day or two, please do communicate this, it is not a problem to work around.

Sports Massage Reviews

impact physio
Rated 5.0 out of 5

I have used their services for physio, accupunture & sports massage and can highly recommend Impact & their team.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Professional and friendly service. Physio massage was a great help and advise given on what exercises to do at home.

Miss Wade
Miss Wade

Just left us a 5 star review

Miss Wade
9th April 2024

I always felt quite uncomfortable when it came to having to get massages for muscle pain however, booking in with Sara was the best thing I ever did. Not only did she make me feel comfortable but she listened to me and took the time to help and advise me. Her approach is fantastic and she is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend Sara.

steven robinson
13th February 2024

The treatment was very successful and I was looked after very well. Would highly recommend this company. Very professional.

Kim Britton
24th January 2024
Sandra Bowles
20th December 2023
Elaine Woodhouse
11th December 2023

Definitely 5 star

Andy Ward
5th December 2023

I was well looked after by Alan Beer. He managed to sort out best ways to relive the pain in my Achilles. I would definitely recommend Impact Physiotherapy.

26th October 2023

From the front desk to the Physiotherapist everyone was incredibly friendly. I had an issue with an old injury on my foot after overdoing it at Zumba. I was given advice and support, my foot is feeling so much better. Really appreciate your help Thank you

Maythe Weed
5th October 2023

I've been using impact for over a year now for physio treatment and Pilates classes. Both have been excellent and everyone I've seen has been helpful. I think they've really helped keep my physical problems from flaring up.

Peter Giddens
2nd October 2023

Got me from sleepless nights in 4 visits

Muhammad Wajhi Khan
27th September 2023

I had Physio session with Julie Lee, she is very professional and great physiotherapist. I would highly recommend Julie Lee if you are having lower back problems. Many Thanks

pauline Turton
24th September 2023

I found my treatment with Fiona Hunter,very valuable and enlightening.

Dale Longmuir
1st September 2023

Chris has been my physician at impact, he’s great at understanding and conducting exercises to best combat my issues. Incredibly helpful and insightful!

Deborah Turner
19th August 2023

Sally was amazing. Gave me the exercises for my shoulder & showed me how to do them. Even though we had a laugh at the way I did one or two of them. She was professional & definitely knows the exercises that help each problem. A big thank you for sorting me Sally

Mark Longshaw
15th August 2023

Fantastic service and friendly staff

debby millard
23rd July 2023

I was referred to impact by my doctor due to severe arthritis in my hips ,had a very long wait for an appointment and to be honest I was not expecting physio to help much .I saw a lovely physio called Steven who immediately puts you at ease and after a few weeks I saw much improvement .At the end of my course of physio the pain had eased a lot and was much less painful on walking .I definitely would recommend impact physio and particularly Steven who I would like to thank for all his help .

18th July 2023

Chris was very calm and his application was very gentle, I felt great benefit from my visits. 5 STARS

Gary Yates
18th July 2023

A very proffesional and positive service

Gillian Smedley
15th June 2023

I found all the staff to be very friendly and helpful and although I problem wasn't resolved I was given the tools to manage the problem. Thank you.

7th June 2023

Absolutely brilliant physio therapy. So professional and really know there business! Would highly recommend them!

Karen Cotton
6th May 2023

I've been impressed with every aspect of this service. When I've needed to change an appointment the people I've spoken to have been helpful and understanding. The physio, Jack Clayton, was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to my feedback and worked with me to find a programme I could follow. I wouldn't hesitate to use again in the future. Thank you!

Tim Gordon
8th April 2023

Chris Davenport was brilliant. Correctly diagnosed and treated mt persistent back pain in one session. I can't thank him enough. Thanks Chris

Reggie Tailor
12th January 2023

Came here for the first time a few months ago looking for help with my lower back. I had a god sit down chat with Jack and then a number of physio sessions thereafter. Jack was incredibly helpful, informative and very passionate about his work and getting me better. Jack gave me a clear timeline and a structured plan of physio which has helped me incredibly. I would highly recommend Impact Physio to anyone that needs physio and if I ever do need to go back it will be Jack I go back to see.

Barbara Chilton
27th September 2022

Jack was very helpful and understanding. The exercises I was given have helped a lot and I will continue with them.

Maggie Pearson
6th September 2022

Glad to be referred here. Good exercise program built up in stages. These sent email to follow and refer to. Very effective. My physio very calm and encouraging. Best of all is I’m able to do again what had become so limiting. If I should need help again I’ll definitely go back

Emma Cobb
9th May 2022

Impact Physio has given me a new lease of life, for the first time in 6 years I don't worry about my backache and Joe has been great. She listened about my previous experience to create a unique plan for me that was so adaptive and really work. Hard work and Joe's help has really changed my life

Dick Scott
9th May 2022

I had 8 Physio sessions with my physio therapist Chris and he was most helpful and considerate throughout for all of my problems. He always gave good advise and posted exercises for me to do at home which helped immensley. What I saw of the Long Eaton Impact Physiotherapy place the therapists who work there were well equipped and trained to deal with any of your problems to re habilitate.

Nick Dee
4th May 2022

Required Impact physio again to help me with my back and knee discomfort / pain, over several sessions. Ali was a superstar, listening and providing a program to get me feeling a lot better, can't recommend enough.

21st March 2022

Had treatment for a very painful back problem & the physiotherapy given by Impact gradually alleviated the problem. My therapist listened to me, answered my questions & the treatment recommended worked, hence 5 stars in this review.

Jane Gregory
8th March 2022
28th February 2022

I was introduced to the two leaders of the exercise classes called Jess and Jon. I told them what had happened and how I ended up coming to Derby.

Gary Mayne
22nd February 2022

I attended the Pride Park clinic to get treatment on my lower back. Tom was great, he really made the exercise and treatment plan feel bespoke and tailored to me and my recovery. Really impressed, would recommend to anyone.

Calum Baillie
30th January 2022

Was involved with impact Oct 21 till Jan 22. Ali was wonderful, she excelled in all aspects, Cher Knowledge was second to none Can't thank her enough When I first came, in agony and not sleeping To where I am now Brilliant

Jean Enoch
17th January 2022

I cannot thank Sally enough for all the help she's given me, the advise and exercises, The pain has now gone, I can walk better,

John Stuart
18th December 2021

My First experience was with Chris Davenport on referral for hip and spine problems by my GP. Two courses done and he recommended Hatha yoga to supplement his treatment and help me long term. However before I could implement it lockdown came in so it was delayed until Autumn this year. I signed (with Mariangela)not fully knowing or expecting much in the way of personal tailoring or yoga exercise to be relevant to my situation. I needn’t have worried as the class of six is like minded and Mariangela caters (and cares) for us all. Bonus is it seems to be working; thanks Mariangela. The covid care from all at LE clinic is first class and not uncomfortable allowing for windows open. Reception staff always friendly with a smile. All in all just the tonic Update following treatment again in 2023 Not the first time I’ve used this service, same location, same Physiotherapist (Chris Davenport) and yes the same receptionist’s. As before they provided me with the ( in my view) the best treatment they could given my arthritis coupled with a set treatment time scale provided by the NHS. Thanks to all the staff.

Amar Hayer
3rd December 2021

Been coming here regularly for a few years now and it's really helped with the active live style. Robyn is a legend

Sandra Woodward
15th October 2021
steven stewart
23rd September 2021

Word cannot describe very good staff

michael hickley
14th September 2021

Having pulled a hamstring at work and being unable to walk for a few days,my wife booked me in with impact Physio.I was looking at being off work for about 2-3 months.On the day of my appointment,I was met by a pretty young lady who got me to walk away from her then back again a few times.I was then asked to lie on my back on the couch where a pair of expert hands gently massaged the delicate hamstring area.A bit of manipulation got me a bit of pain,causing me to jolt slightly, but I was expecting worse anyway.I was then asked to lie face down on the couch.My lower back was then massaged and manipulated.The whole session took probably 30 minutes.The physiotherapist was always talking to me,saying what she was going to do, and wether or not I would experience any pain or discomfort.She was very good at her job, and did it professionally.Within 2 weeks, I was back at work.If you need a physiotherapist, look no further than Impact Physio.They don't come cheap, but you pay for what you get,rather than get what you pay for.Mine was worth every penny.I will definitely use Impact Physio again if i need to.

Gerry Foran
14th September 2021

Great treatment everytime without fail I would not go anywhere else

Steve Holland
21st July 2021

I am very happy to commend Fiona's diagnostic skills, the immediate treatment and the provision of a set of achievable and worthwhile exercises that backed up the initial treatment and mobilisation.

A Pau
17th June 2021

Having long term back pain is  not easy and same goes for three discectomies. Initially my physiotherapist was chosen for me by a spinal surgeon and I went with his choice but after meeting Louise and going through her 1:1 sessions I ended up attending the Long Eaton clinic for the last six years. Louise has an impressive  knowledge base and will always find a way to keep you mobile even when you feel you won't ever be able to move normal . During the years we worked together on  my back  she attended many courses and conferences and her skills make it so that , somehow, we still rarely repeat an exercise and I am sure there are many more to discover.She worked her "magic" on me so many times that I now only trust her with my recovery from yet another discectomy. Due to her skills I  managed to lead a normal life, I was able to keep my job which can be quite strenuous , I travelled long distances by plane or car , basically kept active. My admiration for  Louise is endless. Not only she is an excellent physiotherapist and Pillates instructor, but she is  also a wonderful human being ,who in this day and age  has maintained empathy and compassion for the suffering of those around her. I wouldn't want to miss Laura and Sandy and the whole reception  team from this review . Thank you for your help and support over the years ladies! It is much appreciated.

Helen Tidy
5th May 2021

My daughter was referred by her GP and we had 2 appointments with Louise. She was brilliant and really good with my 8 year old daughter. Both appointments were thorough and my daughter was shown lots of different exercises to do at home with explanations of how they would help her. We also had emails showing the exercises in videos as well. The appointments were during 'covid times' as well and we felt very safe.

S Pearce
27th April 2021
Oliver Reed
13th April 2021

Great sports massage with Sara at Long Eaton. Thank you.

Martin Burton
16th March 2021

Sally was absolutely brilliant.

Paul Wright
16th March 2021

Very clean, well run

Rachael Sisson
9th March 2021
Beryl Withey
21st January 2021

Went for covid inoculation. Extremely well organised. Very nice place.

Sue Shearman
12th January 2021

Would totally recommend Impact Physio, and in particular Annalise. Referred here due to neck/shoulder pain during Covid, the service was safe, professional and most importantly effective. Annalise spent time to really understand the background to my issues to treat the cause, as well as the symptoms