Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on method of evaluating and re-balancing the craniosacral system.

This system relates to the central nervous system, comprising the membranes of the brain and spinal cord, with their attachments to the bones of the skull and spine.

Restrictions of these bones and membranes can affect the functioning and vitality of the craniosacral system as a result of unresolved trauma or scar tissue adhesion. Sometimes these restrictions are located distantly at other regions within the body by virtue of their connective tissue attachments to the craniosacral system.

Releasing these restrictions helps to re-balance the craniosacral system which can influence the functioning of other systems of the body, affected by the central nervous system. The therapist uses gentle techniques to sense subtle changes in tensions within the tissues in response to fluctuations in the craniosacral rhythm. 

This rhythm is similar though distinct from the rhythm of your breathing and heart rate, sensed as changes in tissue tension driven by changes in pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid, which is continually absorbed and replenished. These restrictions are released gently by the therapist, helping to optimise the functioning of the craniosacral system.


The fee is £39 for a 60 mins appointment

Is Craniosacral therapy right for me? 

Craniosacral therapy is an inherently safe treatment as it works on re-balancing and facilitating the body’s own physiological mechanisms and ability to self-regulate. Consultations are for an hour and carried out fully clothed. 

As craniosacral therapy is a gentle treatment it can be beneficial for those who aren’t able to tolerate more dynamic treatment approaches. There are a few exceptions where craniosacral therapy is contraindicated, particularly in cases of an acute stroke or other causes of raised intracranial pressure.

Craniosacral fee: £39 for a 60 mins appointment

Chris Davenport

Our holistic physiotherapist

Chris graduated as a physiotherapist from Leeds University in 1997, starting his career at Rotherham General hospital and has worked in private practice since 2002.

His last role included running a sports injury clinic for students at Loughborough University where he has gained experience treating both elite and recreational athletes from a range of sports. He has undergone additional training in Indian head massage and reflexology, whilst completing postgraduate training in orthopaedic medicine and manual therapy also.

He was physiotherapist for the City of Sheffield (senior men) athletics team and has worked with the North East regional athletics team in Portugal, at the British Transplant Games and also with the London Marathon medical team.

“I like to understand the mechanisms which prevent an injury from recovering and use a variety of treatment techniques to correct any contributing factors, whilst targeting the source of the pain.”

Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport

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