Yoga is an ancient discipline and essentially means “unity.”  Dru Yoga can be practised by people of all fitness levels and abilities as it offers a therapeutic approach. It can help to relieve pain and increase energy levels.

Our Yoga classes are based at our Long Eaton Clinic.

We are delighted to be offering a new Yoga for Back Care course. Our first six week course starts on June 27th at 4:30 – 5:45pm and 6 – 7:15pm. Limited to a maximum of 6 students per class allowing individualised attention. 

Yoga: typical cost per term : £120

(equivalent of £10 per class)

Yoga for back care course £90 (6 weeks)


12.00 – 13:00


16.30 – 17.45

18.00 – 19.15

WEDNESDAYS for 6 weeks only £90

27th June – 1st August

16.30 – 17.45

18.00 – 19.15

Why yoga?

People come to yoga classes for various reasons; to stretch the body deeply, reduce aches and pains and to manage stress.

Whatever your goals, a regular yoga practice can help you achieve this. It is suitable for beginners and especially good for those who consider themselves to be flexibly-challenged!

Where are the classes?

The classes are held at our Long Eaton Clinic.

When are the classes and what is the cost?

Our yoga classes run at different times throughout the week

Terms coincide with the Pilates terms with the cost equivalent to £10 per class i.e. 12 week course @£120.

  • Thursday’s 12.00 – 13:00
  • Friday’s 16.30 – 17.45
  • Friday’s 18.00 – 19.15

Our Yoga for Back Care course is running for 6 weeks from June 27th and the cost is £90 for the 6 weeks.

  • Wednesdays 16:30 – 17:45
  • Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:15

How long are the classes?

Our breakfast and lunchtime classes last for just an hour to allow you to fit these into your schedule. The classes on a Friday last for 1 hour 15 minutes, this allows plenty of time to adapt to the class if you’re rushing in and time to get going again before heading off, facilitating a great start to the weekend.

The Back Care Course sessions last for 75 minutes and you will be given specific exercises to do between the sessions with resources to help you.

New Students – Download student medical questionnaire

Meet your instructors

Jo Keegan

I’ve practiced yoga for many years now and I wanted to share this amazing system with other people. To that end, I undertook the British Wheel of Yoga 3 year teaching diploma course (UK Sport accredited) which I completed 3 years ago and have taught both athletes and to the general public.

Through my physiotherapy work, I’ve seen first-hand the inter-relationship between mind and body- and the effects if one or both of these systems are out of balance. Yoga provides a crucial link between mind and body.

Susan Hardwick

I love yoga and holistic, mindful movement to find balance – both physically and mentally –
in a busy world.
 I am a fully qualified and experienced Dru Yoga Teacher and a full member of the Dru Professional Network. I began my teaching journey in 2011 and now teach full time in a variety of settings, including public classes, one to one, and to groups.
In addition I have also completed the Dru Yoga Postgraduate Certificate in Back Care  and hold teaching qualifications
in ChiBall, Matwork Pilates  (Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in  Pilates Matwork)  and Exercise for Older Adults.

I am currently undertaking my Dru Yoga Advanced Practitioner Diploma, a post graduate course to help deepen my knowledge and experience of Dru Yoga.  Having recovered from severe back pain using the techniques of Dru Yoga,  I  specialise in gentle yoga for back care and offer classes and one to one’s for a healthy back.

Helen Trubridge

Helen is currently on maternity leave.

I have always loved yoga and enjoyed the physical movement and stretches but it was only after the birth of my son that I grew to understand and appreciate the positive effect yoga was having on my emotional wellbeing. This led to the start of my yoga teacher journey when I decided to train and then use my tools to help others.

The style of yoga I teach is called Dru Yoga and I was drawn to this because it’s about so much more than achieving the perfect posture; it’s about breaking it down and making yoga accessible for a wide range of ages and abilities. A unique feature of Dru is an ‘energy block release’ sequence which is designed to finely tune your muscles and get deep into any tightness and knots. The aim is to free the energy system of blockages (i.e. stiffness, aches etc.) so that you feel revitalised.

As well as these sequences, a typical Dru class will contain activations (warm-ups), asanas (postures), breathwork and relaxation.

After a few years of teaching, I never get tired of hearing comments such as; “I always have my best night’s sleep after coming to yoga” or “I never used to be able to touch my toes until I came to yoga.”

I am excited to be bringing Dru to Impact where I believe that I can really help people, through yoga, to release their strains, strengthen, tone and ultimately appreciate the power of their mind and body.

IMG_6676What happens in a class?

Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga and includes classical yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (the science of breath) mudras (hand gestures), positive affirmations, empowering visualisations and powerful sequences performed in a flowing and dynamic style. Dru Yoga classes are tailored to the level of the individuals within the class and usually contain Energy Block Release sequences (EBRs), graceful flowing yoga sequences, pranayama, relaxation and Dru Meditation.


  • Joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement (as in tai chi). This creates flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy.
  • Energy Block Release sequences are easy-to-practise. Flowing movements help to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • In Dru Yoga all movements originate from the spine because a flexible, healthy spine supports your entire yoga practice.
  • The spinal wave and spinal twist are core features of Dru, enhancing spinal health and vitality.
  • A deep understanding of core stability is a major focus.
  • Dru Yoga works to balance the chakras (energy centres of the body) and access the powerful energy of the heart.

  • All courses will run dependent on numbers.
  • Full payment for the course must be received prior to the beginning of the course.
  • We apologise but once the course has started no refunds are possible. We will do our best to accommodate you in alternative classes.


Whether a participant is recovering from, or living with, an injury or illness Dru yoga classes offer restorative gentle techniques which bring the body into balance and reduce stress.

The gentle, easy flowing sequences of Dru Yoga embrace ancient yogic traditions, which help strengthen the body and uplift the mind and spirit. The combination of uplifting poses will enrich you with positivity and lightness as well as having significant positive effects on your health and wellbeing.


The International School of Dru Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance and the Independent Yoga Network (UK).

For more information about the benefits of Dru Yoga, visit the website

What do I need to bring?

There are no specific requirements to participate, mats and other equipment are provided. You will, however, need to wear loose fitting clothes and it is advisable not to eat a big meal 2 hours before the class starting.

New Students

For new Yoga students please call 0115 9721319 to discuss the most suitable course or arrange a 1:1 session for assessment and an appropriate plan to be put in place. You will also need to complete our yoga health form. We recommend that you book a 1:1 session initially, especially if you have had any specific injury / reason for which you are attending Yoga.

» New students, please download and complete our yoga health form

Alternative Class Sizes

By holding smaller classes, we can provide an increased individual assessment; closer supervision and correction:

  • 1:1 session – £45
  • 1:2 session – £30
  • 1:3 session – £20

Any of the above options could be arranged as a one off / regular basis, e.g. a group of 1 – 3 post natal ladies / work colleagues etc. creating their own course at a time that suited them..

Yoga Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jo Keegan
12.00 - 13.00
Long Eaton
Susan Hardwick
16.30 - 17.45
Long Eaton
Susan Hardwick
18.00 - 19.15
Long Eaton




5 5 1
The staff is very qualified and committed. The staff take care of our particular aspects of health. This summer I attended a yoga class with Suze who really gave me personal exercises to deal with my pain, and progressively adapted to my progress. It has helped me dramatically, and at the end of the sessions I could practice all the exercises easily and without any pain anymore. We learn how to relax. In addition to the exercises in the practice, we had a good guidance with hands out and on line to keep practising daily. It was very useful and helpful. I recommend this yoga practice and also Pilates which reinforce so much our posture and our flexibility. The staff is always updating his knowledge and very helpful. Small group and good atmosphere. Good programme making us working on each part of the body without any pain. Flexibility of days, kindness of all the staff. A very pleasant practice with trust and high quality of services.

5 5 1
"Brilliant, Sally helped with a lot of physio after an accident which led to me also joining the yoga classes. Everyone is super friendly and very welcoming especially Laura and her mum on reception. I really look forward to my Friday night Yoga sessions. KR Leon"

5 5 1
"As I've aged I've found that I've got increasingly stiff and my joints and mobility have significantly reduced. To counteract these conditions I have been thinking about taking up Pilates and Yoga again, I used to attend classes but dropped out several years ago due to a change in my circumstances. I found Impact Physio through a recommendation from a friend and decided to join. I have now been attending both Pilates and Yoga classes since September this year and have seen a big difference in how I feel physically. The classes are not only good for me but I find them hugely enjoyable, I get a real ""buzz"" out of the exercises. In addition to the feel good factor generated by the exercises, a big plus about going to Impact Physio is that the staff are friendly and approachable. This makes the classes a very good experience, one I would recommend. John Warner 10 December 2016"


Pilates Matwork

£80 x 8 weeks

Pilates Studio

£140 x 12 weeks


£120 x 12 weeks

Ante / Post Natal

£50 x 4 weeks

Tai Chi

£60 x 12 weeks