Rehab EXERCISE classes

Rehab exercise classes take place in Long Eaton

Rehab EXERCISE classes are for anyone who wants to do bespoke exercises in a small group in a supervised setting. This enables regular progression and should enhance confidence.

Our  classes have a maximum of 6 students and are led by Anna, our GSR (Graduate Sport Rehabilitator)



Each class is £7.50 (payable on booking) and any number of classes can be booked (this depends on why you are using our classes)

We expect some clients to only want one or two sessions to give confidence they are doing exercises to their maximum ability, and likewise if you have had an ACL repair or have a tendinopathy you may do classes over several months.

New students

To join one of our classes you need a diagnosis and plan. Ideally you will see Anna or one of our physio’s for a thorough assessment so we can assess the problems and plan your rehab. We will accept referrals from other health care professionals, ideally a quick chat alongside your referral to make sure we are confident we understand the initial plan. Once you have started your rehab, we are confident to progress independently.

Where are the classes?

Classes are held at our Long Eaton clinic.

To join one of our classes, please contact us. 

Small classes to enable individual attention and bespoke exercise. A warm up and cool down around a circuit based class. Your exercises are specific to your needs.

Rehab Class Timetable

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No classes


No classes


‘Forever fit’ – 09:00 – 09:45

For those new to exercise (at any age), or returning generally post injury, or want to maintain their fitness and don’t feel confident enough to go to the gym


Upper / lower limbs – 2:30 – 3:15

Upper / lower limbs – 3:30 – 4:15


No classes

Where are the classes?

Classes are based at our clinic in Long Eaton

What is Sport Rehabilitation?

Sport Rehabilitation is a relatively new profession (30 or so years!)   similar to physio, in fact at The University of Nottingham, the first year is shared with the physio degree.  In the final two years of the degree, sport rehabbers concentrate on musculo-skeletal modules, wheras physio students complete cardio-respiratory and neurological modules. 


Do I need to be assesed before I join a class?

Yes, in order to get the most out of your classes, we need to fully understand what the problems are and what your goals are.  

Ideally as a minimum you will be assessed by Anna (30 minutes) and she will initiate your exercises and recommend the most suitable class for you.

Please contact us for specific advice if required.

Your Rehab Instructor, Anna Fawcett

Anna qualified from the University of Nottingham with a First Class Honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation & Exercise Science.

Anna joined the Impact team immediately post graduation, she currently offers rehab classes, sports massage and covers the Derby County Girls Regional Training Centre.

Anna has initiated these rehabilitation classes, a special interest of hers, a focus during her degree. 


impact physio

 The cost is £7.50 per class.

We will discuss with you the most likely number of classes you might need to achieve your potential. This may range from 1 to as many as you want!

To join one of our classes, please contact us. You will need an assessment and have agreed your goals with a therapist.

Classes are held at our Long Eaton clinic.

Wednesdays and Thursdays daytime

Classes last 45 minutes.

You just need to wear clothing that you are comfortable exercising in.


During this pandemic we encourage you to continue to put your health & well being first.

Whatever your pain / problem please make contact to see if we can help you.

Things continue to change, for the latest information, please see our Coronavirus page.