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Ironman Vichy, France August 2017

Sally, you provided some physio care to me a few months ago whilst I was in the middle of hard training for my first IronMan. I had a dodgy knee pain and after a few consultations you sent me away with some stretches and excercises to do.

Well, they worked.

On Sunday I got over that finish line in France and became an IronMan. I had (and still have) many aches and pains from it, but thankfully the knee is not one of them!

Many thanks for the help and advice.

All the best, Ash Hallam

Very knowledgeable, quick diagnosis of root cause and explanation of problem/weakness. Progressive exercises given, where it is easy for me to track progress and improvement. Efficient, professional, knowledgeable treatment in a very friendly environment. -- Lyn Gratton
Very pleased with my treatment, I came same seven years ago and was also pleased. The work these people do is good. Keep it up – I am very thankful for the treatment.
Name withheld
My fit back & bumps course was fab! It gave me so much more than I expected. -- Becky

5:30am at 4091m above sea level, after a 4 hour sprint to the summit under lucid stars, the sun finally broke across the mountain peaks lighting the tops of the clouds beneath us.

Unfortunately, my mate who took this photo did a great job of cutting my legs off, but thanks to your good work they managed the climb and descent just fine.

Great job and thanks a lot!

Chris Neeson

Brilliant, Sally helped with a lot of physio after an accident which led to me also joining the yoga classes. Everyone is super


Very helpful exercise plan which extended range of movement and also eased the pain. Gave me exercises to carry on and strengthen shoulder after treatment ended. Very satisfied with treatment and advice.

Name witheld

I have really enjoyed the fit back and bumps classes. The classes have helped me to understand the changes happening to my body during pregnancy. It has also helped me to be disciplined about keeping fit during my pregnancy.

The class tutor was really enthusiastic & friendly and created a good atmosphere in class. I really liked the exercise cards to take away.


I've had lost of massages over the years - Sara (Bostock) is by far the best!

I would highly recommend her.

After working on my calves I was able to walk 4 miles completely pain free - it normally hurts after just 3/4 minutes.
The class tutor was really enthusiastic & friendly and created a good atmosphere in class. I really liked the exercise cards to take away. -- Elaine O'Leary

Occupation: Teaching Assistant in Primary School. Achilles tendonitis + Plantar Fasciitis in left heel/foot. Over use when compensating for knee and hip when getting off small seats!

Fiona has made my physio sessions welcoming, listening to my symptoms carefully, my treatment has been progressive, improving my condition week by week. In addition, I have been given advice and exercises to not only improve my left ankle but my posture in general.

I am walking normally now and will continue with the exercises in the future. Thanks-you for all your help.. -- Name withheld

Great service, great therapy and excellent results.
I thought the advice offered by Impact Physiotherapy was comprehensive and simple. It really helped me understand what my problem was, and I was offered various methods to resolve my problem. -- S Smith
I never thought I would, but I really enjoyed physiotherapy at Impact. I feel very enlightened, knowing much more about my condition, and how to improve it. I am much more mobile. The exercises I was given were sensible and achievable, if somewhat taxing, and really made a difference to my ability to cope with everyday life. This was our aim. -- G Howard
My experience at Impact was very informative, my physio helped me tremendously to understand how I can manage my condition and improve my life. Thank-you. -- Name withheld
My fit back & bumps course was fab! It gave me so much more than I expected. The course content was very thorough & the instructor’s knowledge of both advice on exercise & pregnancy concerns was excellent. I would recommend to all mums to be whatever your fitness background.


I found the Fit Back & Bumps sessions really helpful in pregnancy to improve the strength of my core muscles. The exercises were easy to follow – so easy to remember and repeat at home! Great – just what I was hoping for! The handouts are helpful to jog my memory with the exercises.
... all is really good at the moment exercises working very well. May I add what a brilliant service you have provided I will be returning when I have a problem -- Rob Healy
My busy little life came off the rails somewhat last week when my back started giving me serious grief. Fortunately I knew what to do. I did what I have advised so many people to do so successfully over the years - I called Impact!

What followed was an incredibly fast, efficient, effective and thoroughly pleasant experience. Jane called me back within minutes and had me slotted in for a cancellation that afternoon with the marvellous Alison. 24 hours later the equally marvellous Zena picked up the wand and continued to work the Impact magic. 3 days later I was back to doing my spring chicken impersonations and doing what I'm infamous for - growing old disgracefully!!

I really can't thank you enough and congratulate you on such a wonderful practice. -- Jon Bancroft

A Physiotherapy clinic is not a place you really want to go, but Impact really is a great place. Always helpful & friendly & with my best interests at heart.
I would always recommend Impact Physiotherapy to anyone. -- M Green
I found the treatment very good – improvements after each session – also advice on exercises to do at home. I am very pleased overall – a big thank-you! -- T Geraghty
Excellent service, thorough treatment, everything well explained. Good results and on-going advice. Hope not to be back! -- L Froggatt
I was treated for a frozen shoulder. First appointment I had very limited movement, but a series of exercises & acupuncture worked wonders. Very impressed with the service. -- E Whitehead
Thanks Rachel, I think that will be enough shaving!

Can you show Mel the attached photo for me, she helped make it all possible!

(Probably should explain that we did some Kinesio taping for Brett)

Brett Critchley

During 2012, Royal Engineer Officer Gavin Brown from Perthshire ran 2012 miles in an effort to raise over £2012 for the military charity BLESMA (The British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association).

gavinRachel, Ed,

I am writing to say thank you for your generosity and the incredibly professional treatment you provided me during my challenge. I think that it is completely accurate to say that I would have failed quite early on in the year, if it was not for the effective treatment Ed and you gave me.  I completed the last run of my 2012 Cubed Challenge on New Years Eve.  It’s been a tougher challenge than I had expected, particularly when I changed jobs and in the miserable weather leading up to Christmas.  But its all done now and I have more than doubled the fundraising target I set myself; raising £4725.  2012 miles run, over 173 thousand calories burned and over 70 thousand feet climbed.

I started this challenge with a plethora of minor injuries and to be honest I wasn’t confident in my ability to do it, but the fantastic care and attention from Ed has not only enabled me to run 5.5 miles every day of the year but I’m also actually physically in better shape now than this time last year.  I am incredibly grateful and I know BLESMA are as well.  I think it is a real testament to the ethos of Impact Physiotherapy that you dedicate time and effort to support people doing physical charity events of this kind.  Not many companies have this as part of their culture.  I would strongly recommend anyone wanting the best physiotherapy care to look no further than Impact Physiotherapy. Thank you again for keeping me on the road.

» visit www.blesma.org/

You can sponsor Gavin here

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