The next stage?

We have monitored the changes during this pandemic closely, there are still a lot of unknowns and speculation, however we continue to maintain our stance of supporting the community by offering remote consultations for all interactions.

However, we are aware that many of you are wanting to know when services will be resumed, so we wanted to give you some insight into our decision making.

Essentially, we are allowed to offer urgent face to face appointments. However we are fortunate that truly urgent cases are very rare within our usual case load, and long may this remain! Most urgent cases can be evaluated correctly via remote consultation, and this would always be the first port of call. If identified then as always referral on to the appropriate medical service is our priority and the best management.

We are currently ensuring that when the time is appropriate that we have clear processes in place that are easy to follow and ensure safety for our team and those who need to use our services. We guarantee that we will not be conducting any face to face consultations before this process is robust.

We continue to maintain our high standards in everything we do, and in the current situation, it is the most critical time to ensure this. 

We maintain that any initial consultation will be conducted remotely through our current systems, and in almost every case we can manage your condition / concerns in this way. We will weigh up in every case the risk in relation to the benefit. 

Thank-you for continuing to support us, we really appreciate the messages of support and gratitude. As a small local business it means a lot to have this support. Please forgive the mini show off photo (with my husband!) shared in the hope it brings a smile, and because it took ages to even manage it! In order not to drum up any extra business  I would add “please don’t try this at home”!

Credit: BASRaT for the infographic, outlining decision making for conducting face to face consultations. 

Please get in contact if we can help at all: / 07977 239893

Please also keep in touch just to let us know how you're getting on!


In this unprecedented time, we encourage you to continue to put your health & well being first.

Whatever your pain / problem please make contact and we can help you.

Things are changing fast – for the latest information, please see our Coronavirus page.