Tai Chi

Chris is our Tai Chi InstructorOur Tai Chi classes have a maximum of twelve students and are led by Chris, our holistic Physiotherapist.

Is tai chi good for me?

Tai chi is good for every body and shown to have many health benefits in clinical research studies. Founder of the Tai Chi for Health Institute,  Dr Paul Lam, found that practicing tai chi helped his arthritis symptoms. He has since developed several tai chi for health programs to make the benefits of tai chi accessible for all.

Although the programme has been researched for its use within Arthritis, the programme can be beneficial for anyone.

Classes are based at Petersham Community Hall, Briar Gate in Long Eatonwww.phca1969.org.uk


How easy is it to learn?

The classes have been designed to be taught in a step-wise manner, breaking down the tai chi movements into smaller steps, whilst learning the sequence. You’ll learn one or two new movements each week as we build the routine, practicing what we’ve learnt before.


When can I start?

Our tai chi for health courses run during term times and during the holidays. The duration of each course depends on the set program but typically run for 6 – 12 weeks. Places are limited to 12 per class for each program, with no previous tai chi experience required to join. The classes are taught by Chris. He is accredited to instruct the Tai Chi for Health institute programs.

Classes run on a termly basis, and cost £60 for 12 weeks.


Tai ChiTai Chi for beginners

This 12 week course is based on the Sun style of tai chi. Its been shown to help reduce falls and enable people who have arthritis to exercise safely. Some of the benefits include improved function due to greater joint mobility, balance, co-ordination, strength and pain management.


Tai Chi for improvers

After learning the beginners program you can add more Sun style tai chi movements to the sequence in these classes. A good time to progress on to this program is when you can do the beginners movements confidently from memory. Regular practice is important to help with learning and feeling able to progress.


Please contact the clinic if you’d like to know more about our tai chi and programs and to enrol on a course.

We are running a taster session on August 25th 10:00 – 11:00 at a cost of just £5 per person

0115 9721319

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Tai Chi
Chris Davenport
10.00 - 11.00
Tai Chi for beginners Petersham Community Hall
Tai ChiTai Chi for beginners
Tai Chi
Chris Davenport
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Tai Chi for Improvers Petersham Community Hall
Tai ChiTai Chi for Improvers



Pilates Matwork

£80 x 8 weeks

Pilates Studio

£140 x 12 weeks


£120 x 12 weeks

Ante / Post Natal

£50 x 4 weeks

Tai Chi

£60 x 12 weeks